IRS Audit Defense For Individuals And Businesses In DuPage County, Illinois

If you have been notified by the IRS or the Illinois State Department of Revenue that you face an audit for a previous tax year, don’t assume that you have no option other than to simply accept their findings. As a taxpayer, you have the right to legal representation to address the IRS findings and work out an adjustment that meets your needs.

Call Gary J. Fernandez & Associates, Ltd., to discuss your concerns about an IRS audit, a sales tax audit or filing an appeal to an auditor’s findings. Tax appeal attorney Gary Fernandez is also a certified public accountant and has more than 30 years of experience helping people get the best possible outcome from a tax audit or litigation.

Didn’t file tax returns in previous years? Don’t dig yourself into a deeper hole.

“No matter how many years you have missed filing your tax returns, the IRS is generally open to discussing ways to work out a payment option. Avoiding another year of filing your taxes won’t help.” Attorney Gary Fernandez

 After reviewing your financial documents, Mr. Fernandez will provide an honest, accurate assessment of your circumstances. There are almost always options to help you reduce the amount the IRS says you owe or to work out a plan to pay your back taxes without having an unbearable financial impact on your business or family. He will rely on more than 30 years of tax law experience to work out a strategy to help you come to an agreement.
The firm offers litigation services in all areas relative to tax liability disputes, including:

  • Individual, business and sales tax returns for the current year and the previous years
  • Pre-audit preparation and representation at the audit
  • Offers in compromise, tax settlements and installment plans
  • Appeals to IRS audit findings
  • Tax collections defense, levy defense
  • Responses to official notices
  • Relief for innocent spouses

Glen Ellyn Sales Tax Audit Lawyer · Income Tax Audit Defense Attorney

Call the firm at 630-953-1340 for an initial no-cost telephone consultation or contact the firm by email to arrange a personal meeting with DuPage County IRS audit attorney Gary Fernandez. Offices are located in Glen Ellyn, on Roosevelt Road, just east of Highway 355. Office hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, and free parking is available.